Elevator pitch

Talk about routine!

Imagine being stuck in the same place all day long, not being able to choose another path but the one that’s given to you.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Add weather chit-chat and uncomfortable silences and you’ll get a pretty good picture of my everyday life.

We get it, “weather is crazy these days”, “global warming”, blah blah. Get over it.

Occasionally, there’s some gossip going on. Finally, a story I want to listen to! But my doors always open at the best part. I could try to slow down, but there’s so much I can do without raising suspicions. Yes, I’m curious, but not curious enough to have a mechanic looking into my guts!

The best part of the job? The love stories, I’d say. From shy smiles and furtive eye contact to first dates that end better than expected and a three-floor ride is way too long to keep their clothes on. From subtle flirting to HBO passion level. I find human behavior fairly entertaining. Especially if I’d seen it coming since the guy in 5B moved in and the girl in 4A broke up with that douche who kept on looking at his reflection on my mirrored walls…

Oh no, it’s the Moore family! Last time their son pushed all my buttons at the same time. That kid is pure evil.

Duty calls.

Closing doors.