madelien & helena

No matter who you are,  
we all question ourselves. 

UBS | Print campaign

Where do we come from? Where are we going? Can we change the art direction of the TV ad? (Nope) So many questions. And UBS is here to help people find some answers.
We launched this film on International Women’s Day and worked with Joss Stone to re-record her song “Free Me” for it.


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Joss had something to say about the advert too.

We even got to re-record the whole song. You can press play or watch the whole advert.


This is the full film, of which a lot of cut downs where made. The one you've seen on the top is our favourite. 
But if you fancy the whole ride you can watch it in full below. 

Awards and Mentions | Picked up by Marketing Week as one of the best six campaigns empowering women. Adweek & Campaign wrote some nice things about this campaign too.

Joss Stone referred to us as "somebody"